The Family Gastronomic Company was established in 2005. Initially, it was a general development company. But with a passion for cooking, he took the gastronomic direction and that's how POLGASTRO came into being. And paying attention to the fast everyday life, we decided to open a Bistro serving meals in the form of a Swedish table in a self-service system of selling food by weight.

This process is convenient because the customer composes his own dish according to your preferences can create a wholesome meal with your favorite ingredients. We wanted a home-made flavor that's why the Bar Taste was made.

We are currently developing our culinary passion in several directions by creating Restaurants and Fast Food Bars.

Warm greetings
The Pol family

Smak Bar

A chain of quick service restaurants serving meals with home-made food in a self-service sales system by weight.


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Asia WOK Chinese Bistro

Asia WOK is the Original Chinese Cuisine


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We are interested in cooperation with TRADING CENTERS and Public Institutions in order to purchase commercial space from 50 sq m - up to 350 sq m. We invite you to cooperation.


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